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M Kuriya, Singapore
Our beliefs

The best way we can make our clothes is to make them in the most sustainable way we can that means finding ways to do things that make the least impact on our environment.  Growing cotton the organic way is best because it doesn't involve any chemical pesticides or herbicides, artificial fertilisers, growth hormones or genetically modified (GM) components like conventional farming does. Organic farming uses natural and traditional techniques to keep insect and pest problems under control and it uses real fertilisers and crop rotation to maintain the health of the soil. Organic farming encourages biodiversity which means that the health and quality of the local wildlife, soil and water systems are allowed to flourish. Organic farming works with the environment and not against it. This way we can protect it for our future generations.

It's not only about the organic cotton we use either. We always try to think of the best way we can do many things - from the ink we use to print our designs, to the proximity of our producer, to the packaging we use. And much more too they are all important in reducing the impact we make on our environment.                               


If things are made well, they will last longer, and a longer lifespan means that ultimately, less natural resources like water and valuable soil nutrients are used. This is why we believe in making our clothes to the best quality possible and using the best materials we can - so that they can last longer and are loved longer. Its also why we like our clothes simple and classic with no seasons or short-lived designs - just made to be worn time and again.


Were passionate about what we do! By producing wonderful looking, well-made and affordable organic cotton products, we can make choosing to go organic that little bit easier. Small changes, like choosing to wear organic, can make a big difference and make way for a better future ahead.


It is important to be responsible and to not turn a blind eye on things. We stand by our values by making most of our clothes in Singapore. Our main producer is now a tiny factory which is family-run and located in a special industrial zone, not far from our office. Because they are made in Singapore, it means that the people who make and print our clothes are properly paid and properly treated. And its not just here, we are happy knowing that the farmers and pickers who grow our organic cotton are not exposed to the harmful chemicals that conventional farmers are and they receive a fairer price for their organic cotton too.


Well always be looking out for new ideas and ways that might help people to make a change through our products. If we can all make small changes now by choosing the environmentally friendly way, we can help create a better future for our planet and the generations to come. We believe that by growing slowly and carefully we can stand by our beliefs.


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