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M Kuriya, Singapore
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Our cotton

Just because cotton comes from a plant, it doesn’t always mean that it’s a ‘natural’ product.  In fact, conventionally grown cotton, which is what most cotton products are made from, is one of the most chemically sprayed crops in the world. Around one quarter of the world’s insecticides and pesticides are used in growing normal cotton, and a whole lot more synthetic chemicals are used to turn the raw stuff into the clothes we wear. These are harmful to our environment and can be harmful to us too.

Our cotton is organically grown – it is farmed without the use of insecticides, pesticides or artificial fertilisers - only natural farming methods that are safe for the environment are used. Then it is left alone - no nasty treatments that can remain in the fabric, or that can run into our water systems and spoil our environment. We only use internationally certified organic cotton that is hand-picked and spun into the highest quality combed yarn, which is then woven to produce the softest and smoothest fabric we can possibly achieve. We also like to leave our organic cotton in its beautiful natural colour (ecru) – unbleached and undyed - just sometimes slightly flecked with the natural cotton fibre. This way, our cotton is truly organic and natural. This is why our cotton is especially perfect for babies and those with sensitive skin.

Our clothes

From the farms where our cotton is grown, to the workshop where our cotton fabric is cut and sewn, our clothes have all come to be made ethically. Not only are organic farmers paid a fairer wage for their organic cotton than conventional cotton farmers are, but because it's organic, the workers who work on these small farms are healthier and happier too. We are also happy knowing that our tiny family-run factory in Singapore, where most of our clothes are made, is ethically run too - employing adults who work proper hours, for proper wages and in proper conditions. In fact, we have developed a close relationship with our producer and we are both committed in making sure that our clothes are designed and made to the highest quality and finish. It's important that our products last well and look as good as they can. Our clothes are designed in-house and all our special prints are hand-drawn by Belle & Dean's co-founder, Issy. Our prints, mostly of endangered animals and plants deliberately reflect our care for the environment and are unique to us - they are there to tell a true story and we're very proud of them! Our designs are all screen printed by hand with environmentally friendly water-based ink, which is what gives them their wonderfully soft and subtle finish. This is why we know you and your little ones will enjoy wearing our organic clothes!

To find out more about the benefits of organic cotton for you and the environment, please read our 10 reasons to wear organic here.

And if you’d like to find out more about Issy’s prints, please click here.


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