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10 reasons to wear organic
Environment and Wildlife

Organic farms work the natural way. They don’t use chemicals or artificial fertilisers, so they attract more insects, wild animals and wild plants. Together these work to keep the environment alive and sustainable. It also means that the soil is healthier and more fertile, and that our waters are cleaner and less polluted.


Some of the most widely used chemicals used to make cotton clothing (that we put next to our skin) have been associated with skin irritations and even cancers and birth defects. As organic clothes are made from cotton grown without chemicals, they’re better for our skin and better for our health. 

No nasties

Organic cotton is made from raw materials that have not received unnecessary and damaging chemicals that are proven to be harmful to human health or to the environment. Without nasty chemicals, organic cotton products are more biodegradable too.
No pesticides

A quarter of the world’s insecticides are used for growing conventional cotton - in fact, the textile industry is one of the world’s most polluting. They affect the surrounding plants, animals, insects, soil and pollute our waters. Herbicides and pesticides are prohibited or severely restricted in organic cotton farming.


Organic cotton farmers are not permitted to grow genetically modified crops. Much of the cotton grown today is genetically engineered - reaping havoc to the ecology and environment with long-term effects.

Safe dyes

Only low impact dyes and natural vegetable dyes can be used in certified organic cotton production, unlike dyes which conventional cotton manufacturers use.

No hidden costs

The result of pesticide use in conventional farming is that somebody has to pay to clean up the mess. Money from taxes pays to remove these harmful chemicals from our drinking water. Organic methods don’t have hidden costs.

High standards

Organic cotton comes from sources we can trust. Farms are inspected by international bodies and work to strict guidelines. By buying organically certified products, you can feel reassured that they have been made to meet strict standards.

Fair working conditions

Many organic cotton farms practice fair working conditions and ethics. Unfortunately, many conventional cotton farms and factories do not follow any ethical practices at all.

Wears great

Wearing clothes that are made without unnecessary chemicals is plain good. Organic cotton actually feels softer than regular cotton products. And after all the care that has gone into producing organic cotton, it’s not surprising that it usually ends up making good quality clothing.

For more info on organic, please visit our FAQ page here.


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